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Thomasuncon (18.07.2024 14:30:06)

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Bloowly (17.07.2024 02:51:30)
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Williamnuh (13.07.2024 16:18:10)
Why a rare image of one of Malaysia’s last tigers is giving conservationists hope
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Emmanuel Rondeau has photographed tigers across Asia for the past decade, from the remotest recesses of Siberia to the pristine valleys of Bhutan. But when he set out to photograph the tigers in the ancient rainforests of Malaysia, he had his doubts.

“We were really not sure that this was going to work,” says the French wildlife photographer. That’s because the country has just 150 tigers left, hidden across tens of thousands of square kilometers of dense rainforest.


“Tiger numbers in Malaysia have been going down, down, down, at an alarming rate,” says Rondeau. In the 1950s, Malaysia had around 3,000 tigers, but a combination of habitat loss, a decline in prey, and poaching decimated the population. By 2010, there were just 500 left, according to WWF, and the number has continued to fall.

The Malayan tiger is a subspecies native to Peninsular Malaysia, and it’s the smallest of the tiger subspecies in Southeast Asia.

“We are in this moment where, if things suddenly go bad, in five years the Malayan tiger could be a figure of the past, and it goes into the history books,” Rondeau adds.

Determined not to let that happen, Rondeau joined forces with WWF-Malaysia last year to profile the elusive big cat and put a face to the nation’s conservation work.

It took 12 weeks of preparations, eight cameras, 300 pounds of equipment, five months of patient photography and countless miles trekked through the 117,500-hectare Royal Belum State Park… but finally, in November, Rondeau got the shot that he hopes can inspire the next generation of conservationists.

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“This image is the last image of the Malayan tiger — or it’s the first image of the return of the Malayan tiger,” he says.

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Lavillpouff (13.07.2024 11:36:42)
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AdrianSpage (08.07.2024 06:04:15)
KMSpico Download | Official KMS Website New July 2024
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Are you looking for the best tool to activate your Windows & Office? Then you should download and install KMSpico, as it is one of the best tools everyone should have. In this article, I will tell you everything about this fantastic tool, even though I will also tell you if this is safe to use.

In this case, don’t forget to read this article until the end, so you don’t miss any critical information. This guide is for both beginners and experts as I came up with some of the rumours spreading throughout the internet.

Perhaps before we move towards downloading or installing a section, we must first understand this tool. You should check out the guide below on this tool and how it works; if you already know about it, you can move to another section.
What is KMSPico?
KMPico is a tool that is used to activate or get a license for Microsft Windows as well as for MS Office. It was developed by one of the most famous developers named, Team Daz. However, it is entirely free to use. There is no need to purchase it or spend money downloading it. This works on the principle of Microsft’s feature named Key Management Server, a.k.a KMS (KMSPico named derived from it).

The feature is used for vast companies with many machines in their place. In this way, it is hard to buy a Windows License for each device,, which is why KMS introduced. Now a company has to buy a KMS server for them and use it when they can get a license for all their machines.

However, this tool also works on it, and similarly, it creates a server on your machine and makes it look like a part of that server. One thing different is that this tool only keeps the product activated for 180 days. This is why it keeps running on your machine, renews the license keys after 180 days, and makes it a permanent activation.

KMSAuto Net
Microsoft Toolkit
Windows Loader
Windows 10 Activator
We already know what this tool means, so let’s talk about some of the features you are getting along with KMSPico. Reading this will surely help you understand whether you are downloading the correct file.

Ok, so here are some of the features that KMSPico provides:

Activate Windows & Office

We have already talked about this earlier, as using this tool, you will get the installation key for both Microsoft Products. Whether it is Windows or Office, you can get a license in no time; however, this supports various versions.

Supports Multi-Arch

Since this supports both products, it doesn’t mean you have to download separate versions for each arch. One version is enough, and you can get the license for both x32-bit or even the x64-bit.

It Is Free To Use

Undoubtedly, everything developed by Team Daz costs nothing to us. Similarly, using this tool won’t cost you either, as it is entirely free. Other than this, it doesn’t come with any ads, so using it won’t be any trouble.

Permanent License

Due to the KMS server, this tool installs on our PC, we will get the license key for the rest of our lives. This is because the license automatically renews after a few days. To keep it permanent, you must connect your machine to the internet once 180 days.

Virus Free

Now comes the main feature of this tool that makes it famous among others. KMSPico is 100% pure and clean from such viruses or trojans. The Virus Total scans it before uploading to ensure it doesn’t harm our visitors.

kmspico office

DouglasToill (08.07.2024 03:09:42)
KMSpico: What is it?
<a href=https://kmspico.ws>kmspico rsload</a>
Operating systems and Office suites are among the primary Microsoft software items that still need to be paid for. Some consumers may find alternate activation methods due to the perceived expensive cost of these items. There may be restrictions, unforeseen interruptions, and persistent activation prompts if these items are installed without being properly activated.

Our KMSpico app was created as a solution to this issue. By using this program, customers may access all of the functionality of Microsoft products and simplify the activation procedure.
KMSPico is a universal activator designed to optimize the process of generating and registering license codes for Windows and Office. Functionally, it is similar to key generators, but with the additional possibility of automatic integration of codes directly into the system. It is worth paying attention to the versatility of the tool, which distinguishes it from similar activators.
The above discussion primarily focused on the core KMS activator, the Pico app. Understanding what the program is, we can briefly mention KMSAuto, a tool with a simpler interface.

By using the KMSPico tool, you can setup Windows&Office for lifetime activation. This is an essential tool for anybody looking to reveal improved features and go beyond limitations. Although it is possible to buy a Windows or Office key.

KMSPico 11 (last update 2024) allows you to activate Windows 11/10/8 (8.1)/7 and Office 2021/2019/2016/2013/2010 for FREE.

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MarinkaKAscer (07.07.2024 22:47:19)
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BrettHop (07.07.2024 09:26:22)
В Германии допустили использование Украиной Patriot против авиации в России
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В пятницу официальный представитель кабинета министров Вольфганг Бюхнер подтвердил решение Берлина разрешить Киеву использовать немецкое оружие по позициям на российской территории близ Харьковской области. Он заверил журналистов, что Германия в качестве поставщика оружия Украине не станет стороной конфликта.

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