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In June 2020, the airline company introduced a number of new paths throughout its network, consisting of
point-to-point courses in between the northeastern Unnited States and Florida,
andd also brand-new transcontinental routes from Newark Liberty International
Airport. LiveTV was a completely possessed subsidiary of JetBlue since 2002.
The LiveTV subsidiary supplied seat back amusement systems with Live Satellite Television as well as
Live Satelllite Radio to airline companies consistiing of JetBlue.

As JetBlue got market share, they discovered a placement where they
took on other inexpensive sergice providers along with significant carriers.
During thee llast couple oof days of Juune as well aas thhe first few days of July 2015, JetBlue began billing foor bags
in specific booking classes, leavng Southwest Airlines
the only significant U.S. Forr the courses in which bbag check chuarges were
billed (generally thhe lowest class oof prices provided; JetBlue provided turee classes of prices), the price was $20 for thhe initial bag as well as $35 for the 2nd, which was the most affordable in the United Statess besides Frontier Airlines with comparable prices.

However, in JetBlue's service design, the airline uses greater
than one class of cabin, offers free in-flight entertawinment as well as drinks, and maiintains
codehare agreements with several other airline companies.

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